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The 14th Session of the National Council concludes on 8th December 2014 - View tentative agenda for the 15th Session


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  • About the Secretariat

    The National Council is assisted in the discharge of its parliamentary functions by a Secretariat headed by the Secretary General. The Secretariat comprises four divisions, viz., Secretariat Services Division (AFD), Information & Communication Division, Legislative & Procedural Division and Hansard & Research Division. They provide professional, technical and administrative services as hereunder:

    1. Conduct election of the Chairperson and the Deputy Chairperson before the first sitting of the National Council on re-constitution;
    2. Organize training or orientation programme for newly elected members;
    3. Provide advice to the Chairperson and Members on the operation of proceedings, interpretation of standing orders, parliamentary practices and precedent;
    4. Draft/review Bills, Acts, Rules and other legislations;
    5. Provide research and secretarial services to the various committees;
    6. Carry out administrative and financial functions;
    7. Prepare agenda and resolutions of the National Council;
    8. Transcribe proceedings of the Council sessions (Verbatim);
    9. Provide/arrange interpretation and translation services;
    10. Publish and distribute resolutions of the National Council;
    11. Safeguard records of decisions and proceedings; and
    12. Coordinate with Ministries and other Government agencies.
    13. Carry out civic education and public awareness on parliamentary democracy; and
    14. Build institutional linkages with Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), other parliaments and related associations/forums.