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Presentation and deliberation on the Annual Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Report 2016

Posted on :17 May 2017

The House deliberated on the Annual Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) Report 2016 to the House followed by the first Question Hour Session of the 19th Session with the Prime Minister on Tourism policy and legislation and Minister of Home & Cultural Affairs on the foreign workers and illegal immigration.   

Before proceeding with the business of the day, the Chairperson of the National Council on behalf of the House expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the ACC for their continued and unwavering support in submitting the report to the House.

The Chairperson of the Good Governance Committee reported that as mandated the Anti corruption Commission submits an annual report on its policies and performance to the Druk Gyalpo, Prime Minister and the Parliament, the Annual Report 2016 is the 10th Annual Report of the ACC submitted to the Parliament so far. The Report covers the period from January to December 2016. Subsequently, the members presented a brief report of the ACC report 2016. The summarized report provided an overview of Commission’s policy priorities; performance ACC over the past years; and issues for deliberation and recommendation.

The House deliberated at length on the Commission’s proposal for an establishment of an office of ombudsman in order to deal with administrative grievances and all problems related to such complaints. During the discussion there was various views with some supporting the proposal for the establishment of this office while others expressing their views that as of now there is no necessity to establish such separate office.

Besides, the House also deliberated on the Committee’s recommendation on initiating drafting of Impeachment Bill which was supported and acknowledged by the members.  The House directed the Committee to revisit the recommendations for the final adoption. 

Question Hour Session

In the afternoon the House conducted its first question hour session of the 19th Session. The Hon’ble Chairperson cordially welcoming the Hon’ble Prime Minister for his presence for the Question Hour session and also thanked him for his continued cooperation.

Hon’ble Member Sangay Khandu (Gasa) gave a brief background on the detailed review conducted by the House on the tourism sector. He asked two questions to the Hon’ble Prime Minister as the Chairperson of the Tourism council of Bhutan. Firstly, on the Government’s failure to adopt a comprehensive Tourism Policy to table the tourism Bill and secondly, whether the Government have the confidence to overcome the barriers and foresee the adoption of the policy and tabling of the Bill during its tenure in office. Highlighting on the benefit in the international forum and its contribution to the national revenue, the Prime Minister said that the guiding policy of tourism “High value, low impact” has been very successful and as of now there is no major issues encountered in this sector as there are adequate policies and guidelines in place, so the government did not come up with the Tourism Bill at the moment. He further submitted to the House that the Government acknowledged the need to adopt a tourism policy and informed the House that the Cabinet endorsed a draft tourism policy this year.

Hon’ble Member Tashi Phuntsho enquired on the government assurance to NC’s recommendations on the foreign workers in the country.

In respond to the questions, the Hon’ble Minister for Ministry of Home and Culture Affairs said that while the Ministry has implemented most of the recommendations of the National Council, however the ceiling for foreign workers remained the same at 45,000.  He said that the number of valid work permits issued for foreign workers is 53022 excluding the non-uniformed employees of Project DANTAK and IMTRAT with 1875 dependents of non-uniformed employees. This increase in in number is due to the construction of the ongoing mega hydro power projects. The Hon’ble Nangsi Lynpo said that the number of the project Dantak will come down once the Damchu to Chukha highway construction is completed.  

The Hon’ble Nangsi Lyonpo also expressed his deep appreciation to the National Council for initiating such important issues which is of national concern and today due to the NC, the Government now trying to take appropriate action.

Tomorrow, The House shall be on recess for Committees meeting. 


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