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The 14th session of the National Council will commence from 12th November 2014. - Click here for tentative agenda


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  • February 14, 2013

    The National Council today began its deliberation on the Domestic Violence Prevention Bill of Bhutan 2012. The Bill had been adopted by the National Assembly during the 9th session of Parliament and forwarded to the National Council. 

    The House debated at length on whether the coverage of the Bill should be limited to domestic violence within the immediate family, or whether the scope should be broader to include violence committed by a person against another with whom he/she had been in a past domestic relationship, love relationships, and even extra marital relationships. While the perpetrator would be liable under other laws even in the absence of domestic violence legislation, some Members argued that the Bill provided numerous service facilities to the victims who would not necessarily be a member of an immediate family. The House resolved to maintain the broader scope under the Bill as provided in the draft.

    The deliberations on the Bill will continue tomorrow followed by its discussion on the Road Bill of Bhutan. 

  • February 13, 2013

    The Domestic Violence Prevention Bill of Bhutan 2012, the Road Bill of Bhutan 2012 and three SAARC agreements, namely, the Agreement on Establishing the SAARC Seed Bank, the SAARC Agreement on Multilateral Arrangement on Recognition of Conformity Assessment, and the SAARC Agreement on Implementation of Regional Standards were introduced in the National Council today.

    Introducing the Domestic Violence Prevention Bill, the Hon’ble Minister for Education submitted that the main aim of such legislation was to reduce and eradicate violence and to create harmonious families in society.  After the Agreement on Establishing the SAARC Seed Bank was introduced by Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture and Forest, the House ratified it. Read More »