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  • November 18th, 2014


    IMG_2764The Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forest introduced the Bio-safety Bill of Bhutan 2014. He said that the Royal Government of Bhutan has a precautionary policy concerning genetically modified organisms to protect the rich domestic and wild biodiversity of Bhutan, promote the nation’s food security and safeguard human and animal health. Further, he pointed out that Bhutan being party to the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety, it was important for Bhutan to have a legal framework for bio-safety. Read More »

  • November 17th, 2014

    IMG_2641The House deliberated on the Local Government Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014. The Bill has five chapters and thirty two sections.

    The Hon’ble Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs, in introducing the bill, said that the Royal Government had accorded high priority towards establishing accountable, credible, efficient and transparent local governments which would further the process of decentralization and materialize the ideals of democracy and Gross National Happiness. Read More »