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  • February 14, 2014

    Closing 12th sessionThe National Council concluded the 12th session with tashi-moenlam today. In his closing remarks, the Chairperson provided with an overview of the resolutions of the 12th session and identified agendas for committees to immediately start preparing for the 13th session.

    The Chairperson reminded the House that henceforth the numbering of National Council sessions would officially follow numerical order in keeping with the permanent nature of the House.

    After identifying the issues to be taken up in the 13th session, the committees were given tasks to take up legislative and review works as follows:


    The Good Governance Committee to:

    1. Amendment on the Local Government Act 2009
    2. Amendment on the Election Commission Act 2008
    3. Review on the  Annual Anti-Corruption Commission Reports 
    4. Review State of the Nation Report by the Prime Minister Read More »
  • February 12, 2014

    15sittingThe 24 members present during its 15th sitting today unanimously adopted the resolutions of the 2th session of the National Council of the 2nd Parliament. Apart from the question hour related resolutions and the recommendations on the economic stimulus plan, a total of 7 resolutions were adopted, three resolutions were on the follow up of the 11th session concerning the restoration and renovation of sacred artifacts, live/re-broadcast of local governments’ proceedings and legality of imposing restriction on mining activities by Dzongkhag Tshogdus within their jurisdictions. The other four resolutions were on leasing of government land and government reserved forest land, electoral corruption, membership to boards/committees by senior civil servants and escalation of cost of constructions.

    Since the National Council is a permanent House, it was decided that the National Council sessions would be numbered in consecutive numerical order from henceforth. Therefore, the current session would be deemed 12th session of the National Council. Read More »