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The 14th session of the National Council will commence from 12th November 2014. - Click here for tentative agenda


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  • 17th June 2014

    The following were discussed and decided upon today, during the 19th Sitting of the 13th session of the National Council of Bhutan:

    1. The Tobacco Control Act (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2014 was re-deliberated. The House decided to adopt the Bill as passed by the National Assembly of Bhutan. Some members argued that the Bill should be discussed in a joint sitting of the Houses in the next session of the parliament since the whole purpose of reviewing the Bill was to do away with imprisonment of people for selling and buying tobacco products. The Chairperson of the Legislative Committee opined that deferring the deliberation on the Bill by six months had the risk of people landing in prison. Others argued that for proper implementation of the Act earlier, the government had not provided manpower and resources and created necessary infrastructure such as designated smoking areas.

    However, since the degree of punishment in the Bill had already been scaled down to repeat offenders and the amount of legal importation had been increased, the House, by a majority vote, passed the Bill as proposed by the National Assembly. Read More »

  • June 12, 2014

    The House deliberated at length on tax measures to be taken by the government during the Financial Year 2014 and unanimously endorsed the Tax Bill with the recommendations. (Click here for the recommendations).

    The house further deliberated and endorsed the recommendations on the Budget & Appropriation Bill for the Financial Year 2014-15. (Click here for the recommendations).

    The proposed recommendations will be submitted to the National Assembly for consideration.

    On Monday 16th June 2014, there will be a joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament to deliberate on the Annual Audit Report 2013 to be presented by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC).