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  • May 28, 2014

    The House deliberated on the National Assembly Act (Amendment) Bill 2014. Although most of the amendments on the Bill were accepted, there were few sections on which the Legislative Committee was asked to consult further and make its final submission on Friday, 30th May 2014.

    The deliberations on the National Assembly Act (Amendment) Bill 2014 were focused on the amendments proposed by the National Assembly. The House was of the view that the necessity to amend the act had arisen mainly to deal with cases were an elected member submitted voluntary resignation before or after assuming responsibilities, cost to the national coffer for conducting re-elections; and time, resources and energy spent by the voters as well as civil servants during elections.

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  • May 27, 2014

    During the morning session today, the Hon’ble Chairperson of the Legislative Committee introduced the National Assembly Act (Amendment) Bill 2014.  

    The National Assembly Act (Amendment) Bill 2014 was introduced to the National Council after it was passed by the National Assembly during the Second session of the 2nd Parliament.

    During the 12th Session of the National Council, the Legislative Committee was assigned to review the amendments made by the National Assembly on the Bill.  Introducing the Bill, the Chairperson of the Legislative Committee said that the reason for amending the Bill was to address issues arising from the last election and to deal with resignation of members upon being elected.   Read More »