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The 14th Session of the National Council concludes on 8th December 2014 - View tentative agenda for the 15th Session


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    The ninth plenary meeting of the National Council held on 28 November 2013 finalized the agenda for the second session which will begin on 22 January 2014. The agenda includes initiation of the amendment of four Acts, ratification of two conventions, six sessions of Question Time with the government and deliberations on follow-up of resolutions of the first session and issues from different constituencies. The four Acts are the National Council Act 2008, Office of Attorney General Act 2006, Tobacco Control Act 2012 and Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Substance Abuse Act 2005. The two conventions, which were passed by the National Assembly and sent to the National Council, are Convention on Establishing the Multilateral Investment Agency and Double Tax Avoidance Agreement between the Royal Government of Bhutan and the Government of Republic of India. The Legislative Committee is spearheading the review of these Acts and consultations with stake holders. Every session of the National Council hereafter, will start with deliberations on the follow-up report of resolutions of the previous session. The House Committee will review and submit the report that it receives from the Royal Government. Issues from constituencies will be submitted by members to the House Committee by 10 December 2013. This Committee will then forward those issues admitted for consideration of the National Council to other committees for further deliberations and consultations. The second session is tentatively scheduled to conclude on 18 February 2014.

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    May 08, 2013   

     The National Council Secretariat is pleased to announce that in accordance with Article 11 (1b) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan, His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo has re-nominated the former five eminent persons as Members of the National Council vide the Royal Kasho dated 6th May, 2013. They are:

    1. Hon (Dasho) Karma Yezer Raydi

    2. Hon Kuenlay Tshering

    3. Hon Karma Damcho Nidup

    4. Hon Tashi Wangmo

    5. Hon Tashi Wangyal

    Further, in keeping with Article 10 (5) of the Constitution, His Majesty the King has commanded the First Sitting of the National Council to be held on 10th May 2013 vide the Royal Kasho dated 8th May, 2013

    During the First Sitting, the election of the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson will be held following which the Hon’ble Members will be administered Oath or Affirmation of Office and the elected Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson administered Oath or Affirmation of Secrecy by the Chief Justice of Bhutan.

    The Hon’ble Members have been asked to report to the National Council at 9.30 am on 9th May 2013 for registration and briefing.

    Secretary General