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1. Categories of Library materials

Library materials are broadly categorized into:

  • Reference Books:

It include Resolutions of Parliament, Verbatim transcription, Journals, Reports, Magazines, Newspapers, Photo albums, Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, Government Publications and books received as donations or gifts;

  • General Books:

It include books other than Reference books; and

  • Electronic:

Anything that is stored as reference material in electronic form including CDs, DVDs and electronic books

2. Library Timing

The National Council Library shall remain open from 9 am-5 pm from Monday-Friday. The Library shall remain closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

3. Patrons

Patrons of the National Council Library shall be:

  • Members of the National Council; and
  • Secretariat Staff of the National Council

4. Who can Borrow

The borrowing of the library materials shall be permitted to Patrons. Notwithstanding Rule 4, any official or institutions in the country may be permitted to have access to library materials subject to the following conditions:

  • The materials shall include only reference materials; and
  • The access is sought for institutional purpose or academic research or other authorized purposes as approved by the Secretary General of the National Council Secretariat

5. Procedure of Borrowing

Borrower shall be permitted to borrow any library materials except as provided hereunder:

  • A borrower may borrow up to maximum of five books at a time for a period not exceeding two weeks; and
  • The reference books and anything that is stored as reference materials in the electronic form shall be permitted to access only inside the library and borrowing of these materials are prohibited

6. Decorum in the Library

Any person while using the Library shall:

  • Keep any personal belongings including bags, files and personal books at the designated counter;
  • Keep any electronic gadgets in silent mode or switched off;
  • Maintain silence at all times;
  • Be strictly prohibited from drinking, eating and littering in the library;
  • Not move any furniture and equipment;
  • Inform the library staff of any damaged materials, equipment or furniture; and
  • Leave the library material on the reading table after the use.

7. Return

Borrower shall return the book on or before the expiry of due date unless renewed.

8. Renewal

Borrower may renew the books after every two weeks from the date of issuance and such renewal shall not exceed more than three times.

9. Reservation

  • Borrower who needs a book that is checked out to someone else may place a reservation request on that book.
  • When the book has been returned, a notice shall be served to the borrower who has requested the reservation and the reserved book will be held at the Circulation Desk for two days after which the book shall be re-shelved or checked out to the next borrower who has made the reservation.

10. Liabilities of borrower

  • A borrower who fails to return or renew as provided under Rule 7 and 8 of these rules and regulations shall be liable for a fine of Nu. 20.00 or 2% of the price of the book per day for the delayed period whichever is higher.
  • A borrower who possess the books that are overdue shall be prohibited from borrowing another book until the earlier book issued is returned or fines are paid.

11. Failure to return the book by reason of lost or damages, a borrower shall:

  • Replace the book with the same or latest edition of the same book; or
  • Pay double the price of the book recorded in the library; and
  • Pay the over dues for the delayed period.

12. Duties of Librarian

The Librarian shall:

  • Classify the books according to Dewy Decimal Classification (DDC) 23rd Edition;
  • Catalogue the books;
  • Maintain a proper register containing the relevant information for borrowing of books;
  • Maintain a separate register containing the relevant information for any materials received as donations or gifts;
  • Ensure that the books are returned in the same condition as it was issued earlier;
  • Ensure the cleanliness of Library;
  • Ensure that library materials are arranged properly;
  • Be responsible for the loss of library materials from the Library room; and
  • Collect fines and penalties from the patrons when necessary and deposit the same to the accounts section of the National Council Secretariat.



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