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Submission of Committee Reports to the Plenary

Posted on : 10 April 2015
The 23rd plenary session was convened today at the Conference Hall of the National Council today. The Chairpersons of the committees reported on the progress of work they were assigned at the end of the 13th Session. The reports made and discussions held form the basis for deliberation in the 15th session. Besides, the members also discussed issues pertaining to segregation of constituencies. At the end of the presentations, the…....

Acting Director of AFPPD calls on the Hon’ble Chairperson

Posted on : 10 April 2015
Mr. John N. Hyde, Acting Director of the Asian Forum of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (AFPPD) called on the Hon’ble Chairperson this afternoon. He was accompanied by Ms Mary Antonetie Abello, Program Specialist for South Asia Advocacy. The Hon’ble Chairperson extended a warm welcome to the Acting Director and the Program Specialist. He briefed them on the formation, mandates and distinguishing features of the National Council. He also thanked…....

Presentation to the Economic Affairs Committee by TCB and ABTO on the Draft Tourism Policy

Posted on : 07 April 2015
The Economic Affairs Committee (EAC) conducted a stakeholders meeting on the key issues on the draft tourism policy in Bhutan. The Director of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) accompanied by several officials made a presentation on the draft tourism policy to the EAC members in the Conference Hall of the National Council in the morning, followed by a presentation by the Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO) at the…....

Bhutanese delegation attends 132nd General Assembly of IPU

Posted on : 30 March 2015
The National Council Chairperson is leading an 8-member delegation consisting of parliamentarians from both Houses to attend the 132nd Assembly of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) in Hanoi, Vietnam from 28th March to 1st April 2015. The IPU is an international parliamentary organization founded in 1889. It brings together parliamentarians to work towards peace and cooperation among peoples. Bhutan became the 163rd member of IPU on 7 October 2013 in Geneva,…....

Presentation on Employment situation

Posted on : 27 March 2015
Five officials led by the Director of the Department of Employment, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources, made a brief presentation on the current employment situation, programmes implemented to accelerate employment growth, future plans and challenges vis-à-vis the employment policy to the Hon’ble Members in the Conference Hall of the National Council today. The presentation outlined the current and future market Scenario, employment facilities, services provided by the MoLHR, findings…....

Natural Resources & Environment Committee consults the Department of Local Government

Posted on : 20 March 2015
The Natural Resources & Environment Committee conducted a brief presentation on the gewog Reconfiguration with the Department of Local Government (DLG), MoHCA in the Conference Hall of the National Council today. The Director General of the DLG outlined the main objective, set of reconfiguration criteria, key findings, saving estimates and the recommendation based on the anticipated amendment of the Local Government Act. He also reported that as per the study…....

Presentation by Druk Holding and Investments

Posted on : 17 March 2015
The Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) made a presentation on its roles and responsibilities to the National Council, today. The presentation outlined the background of the company, the Royal Charter, DHI activities highlighting financial achievements, corporate governance initiatives, investments and private sector collaboration. It also included legislative and policy issues, transfer of state-owned-enterprises (SOEs) and the challenges faced by the company. The Honorable Members shared concerns regarding the reserved revenue…....

Workshop on Strategic Development Plan

Posted on : 13 March 2015
The National Council Secretariat conducted a one-day workshop today to brainstorm on the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity & Threat) analysis done on the Secretariat by the staff with the help of a Local Consultant. The Consultant also made a comprehensive presentation on the framework and strategic objectives to prepare a Strategic Development Plan for the National Council. The exercise is being carried out with the support of UNDP to come…....

NC reviews progress of Committee works

Posted on : 12 March 2015
Almost all the Members of the National Council are back in office after the visit to their constituencies. The Hon’ble Thrizin, today, convened a plenary meeting of the House to review implementation of the decisions of its previous meeting and check the progress of works assigned to the various committees after the 14th session. The meeting also provided an opportunity to the committees to seek further guidance and directives from…....

Thrizin's visit to Paro

Posted on : 11 March 2015
Between 28th February to 10th March 2015, the Hon’ble Thrizin of the National Council of Bhutan, accompanied by Hon’ble Kaka Tshering, Member of the National Council from Paro Dzongkhag, visited seven Gewogs of Paro Dzongkhag and met with Gups, Mangmis, Tshogpas and representatives of over 1500 households. During the visit, the Hon’ble Chairperson talked about the five important national concerns, namely: the importance of maintaining the sovereignty of the nation…....

Egypt Ambassador calls on the Deputy Chairperson

Posted on : 06 March 2015
The Ambassador-designated of Egypt to Bhutan, H.E Hatem Elsayed Mohamed Tageldin called on the Deputy Chairperson of the National Council of Bhutan, today. The Deputy Chairperson, on behalf of the National Council, welcomed the ambassador who is on his first visit to Bhutan. He said that his visit would further strengthen the existing relations between the two countries on diplomatic and bi-lateral front. The Ambassador said that Egypt would be…....

Legislative Drafting Training

Posted on : 05 March 2015
Bhutan became a democratic constitutional monarchy with the adoption of the Constitution in 2008. The Constitution provides for separation of powers between the three arms of the State. As a legislative body, Parliament is primarily responsible for initiating, drafting and passing laws. Being new in the system, however, both members and staff of the Bhutanese Parliament lack the necessary training and skills in drafting legislations. Therefore, to enhance the capacity…....

Field visit to Hydropower Projects

Posted on : 04 March 2015
Hydropower or the energy sector plays a vital role in the economy as the single most contributor of revenue to the national exchequer. Considering its importance, the National Council recently established an Ad hoc Committee to undertake a review of the hydropower policies, plans and programmes. The committee is directed to submit a report of its findings to the House in the coming session. A series of consultative meetings were…....

Council Members receive National Awards

Posted on : 18 December 2014
On 17th December 2014, His Majesty the King awarded the National Order of Merit (Gold) to Thrizin (Dr.) Sonam Kinga and Bura Marp to Hon Tashi Wangyel of the National Council of Bhutan coinciding with the 107th National Day celebrations held in Kanglung, Trashigang. They were given the awards in recognition of their potential and contributions to the nation and the people. On this most happy occasion, members and staff…....

Royal Civil Service Awards

Posted on : 11 December 2014
In a simple ceremony held at the Convention Centre on 8th December 2014, the Hon’ble Chairperson gave away the Royal Civil Service Medals to the civil servants working in the National Council Secretariat. There were three bronze, four silver and one gold (lifetime) medal recipients this year including four Eminent Members of the National Council. They are Hon (Dasho) Karma Yezer Raydi, Hon Kuenlay Tshering, Hon Karma Damchoe Nidup and…....

14th Session of the National Council of Bhutan concludes

Posted on : 08 December 2014
The 14th session of the National Council concluded today with Tashi Moenlam. The Chairperson attributed the successful conclusion of the 14th Session to the guidance of His Majesty the King, the noble vision of His Majesty the Fourth King and relentless effort made by the Hon’ble Members. In preparation for the 15th Session, the National Council Committees will review and deliebrate on: Entitlement & Service Conditions Act for the Holders,…....

The House deliberated and adopted the Recommendations of the Special Committee on Mining and Quarrying Sector

Posted on : 03 December 2014
The 14th Sitting of the House deliberated and adopted the Recommendations of the Special Committee on Mining and Quarrying Sector as well as the Policy Issues pertaining to Business Opportunity & Information Centre (BOIC). On Mining and Quarrying, the House adopted eight recommendations which calls upon the Government to expedite establishment of a State Mining Corporation, immediately terminate the existing mining leases, amend Section 2.6 of the Rules on Income…....

Q&A with the Hon’ble Minister of Information and Communications

Posted on : 02 December 2014
The Hon’ble Member of the National Council from Trashiyangtse said that in 2011, Tashi Air was licensed and began its operations with the understanding and agreement with the Royal Government that the license for international operations would be issued to subsidize domestic flight and that Tashi Air had agreed to resume domestic flight from October 2014. In this regard, he raised three questions as to why the Ministry of Information…....

Further deliberations on Royal Audit Authority’s Performance Report on Tax of Mining and Quarrying Sector

Posted on : 01 December 2014
The House continued its deliberations on the Royal Audit Authority’s Performance Report on Tax of Mining and Quarrying Sector. The House discussed in detail the key findings of Royal Audit Authority such as inadequacies in the legal, institutional and regulatory framework which include poor business code of ethics in the country to protect the interest of minority share holders, lack of provisions to fix remunerations for board members and executives,…....

The House re-deliberated on the Office of the Attorney General (Amendment) Bill 2014

Posted on : 28 November 2014
The House re-deliberated on the Office of the Attorney General (Amendment) Bill 2014. Since there were a few major differences, the Bill will be discussed in the joint sitting of the two Houses. The House also adopted the Narcotic, Psychotropic substance and Substance Abuse Bill 2014. The Chairperson of the Special Committee reported on the background, observations and key findings of the Performance Audit Report on Tax of Mining and…....

Deliberations on Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substance and Substance Abuse (NDPSSA) Bill 2014

Posted on : 26 November 2014

Introduction and Deliberation on the Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substance & Substance Abuse (NDPSSA) Bill 2014

Posted on : 25 November 2014
Today, the Hon’ble Minister for Health introduced the Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substance & Substance Abuse (NDPSSA) Bill 2014. He said that the need to revise the NDPSSA Act 2005 had arisen since regulatory and procedural requirements for control and management of prohibited drugs and substances were inadequate, description and categorizations of drug related offences were not clearly outlined, absence of penal provisions for drug related offences, lacking basis for determining…....

7th Sitting of the National Council of Bhutan

Posted on : 24 November 2014
1. Final deliberation on the Bio-safety Bill The Natural Resources and Environment Committee (NREC) was given the task to revisit Sections 9, 16 and 52 dealing with the Bio-Safety board, Section 20 dealing with genetically modified organisms capable of reproduction, and Sections 51 to 56 dealing with the legal action against offenders of the Law to iron out the inconsistencies and come up with a common agreement on what would…....

Introduction of the Tenancy (Amendment) Bill 2014

Posted on : 20 November 2014
Today, the Hon’ble Minister for Works & Human Settlement introduced the Tenancy (Amendment) Bill of Bhutan 2014. She said that the Act was passed by the erstwhile National Assembly in 2004. However, the Act could not be implemented since the Rules and Regulations was adopted only in 2009. She further pointed out that the public was not fully aware of the provisions of the Act. In the amended version, execution…....

Unanimous Support for the Updated Local Government Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014

Posted on : 19 November 2014
The House today made its final deliberations the Local Government Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014 and unanimously passed the Bill as proposed by the Chairperson of the Good Governance Committee. The Good Governance Committee, following the decision of the House during its 3rd Sitting, revisited 7 sections of the Bill. The Dy. Chairperson of the GG Committee pointed out that altogether 13 Members, including five members of the Committee, participated…....

Introduction and Deliberation on the Bio- safety Bill of Bhutan 2014

Posted on : 18 November 2014
The Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture and Forest introduced the Bio-safety Bill of Bhutan 2014. He said that the Royal Government of Bhutan has a precautionary policy concerning genetically modified organisms to protect the rich domestic and wild biodiversity of Bhutan, promote the nation’s food security and safeguard human and animal health. Further, he pointed out that Bhutan being party to the Cartagena Protocol on Bio-safety, it was important for Bhutan…....

Deliberation on the Local Government Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014

Posted on : 17 November 2014
The House deliberated on the Local Government Entitlement Bill of Bhutan 2014. The Bill has five chapters and thirty two sections. The Hon’ble Minister for Home and Cultural Affairs, in introducing the bill, said that the Royal Government had accorded high priority towards establishing accountable, credible, efficient and transparent local governments which would further the process of decentralization and materialize the ideals of democracy and Gross National Happiness. In his…....

2nd Sitting of the 14th Session of the National Council

Posted on : 14 November 2014
During the 13th Session, the House passed three resolutions on issues regarding shortage of liquid petroleum gas and kerosene, policy review on import of second hand electric vehicles and rescinding of any office order/s that impede the National Council from conducting its parliamentary duties. In presenting the follow-up report on issues, the Dy. Chairperson said that the National Council, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the House Committee, said…....

Opening of the 14th Session of the National Council

Posted on : 12 November 2014
The opening ceremony of the 14th Session of National Council began with theMarchang Ceremony in the National Council Hall at 2:30 pm today. Hon’ble Speaker and Secretary General of the National Assembly were present at the ceremony. In his inaugural address, the Chairperson said that the nation, since yesterday, started to celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo. As the 14th Session of the National…....
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