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National Council Question Hour with Minister for Labour and Human Resources

Posted on :17 June 2016

Yesterday, in the question hour session with the Hon’ble Minister for Labour and Human Resources, Lyonpo Ngeema Sangay Tshenpo, Members raised questions on two issues: firstly on insurance and retirement benefits for employees in the private sector and secondly on addressing the growing number of unemployed teacher graduates.

Hon'ble Dhan Bdr. Monger asked what measures were being taken by the Royal Government to ensure congenial working conditions to encourage youth towards blue collar jobs. He also questioned whether the government was addressing the insurance, leave rules and occupational safety to encourage youth take up jobs in the private sector.

To this, the Hon’ble Minister said that the Government has already invested in providing skills for 41,966 job seekers in the market. 
Today, 37,463 of them have been gainfully employed while only 4,503 are left. Further, he said the Government is also training youth to become business entrepreneurs and take up contract works. Such trainings are conducted in Chhumed and Dekiling Vocational Training Centres.

The Ministry is also working towards negotiating the six month maternity leave for women workers in the private sectors and workplace safety has been ensured through distribution of safety kits to the youth working in all sites.

Hon’ble Kesang Chuki Dorjee also raised question on how far government has reached in terms of exploring the opportunity of overseas employment of our teachers. The Hon’ble Minister clarified that the current attrition rate of teachers stands at 3% with about 258 teachers resigning each year. He said there are about 700 teachers who work in private schools and they do not have any formal trainings. He said that according to their plan, the government will employ 373 teacher graduates next year, 270 in 2018, 224 in 2019 and 222 in 2020.

With regard to overseas employment of teachers, he said the Government is in the process of setting up a teacher knowledge test, similiar to the IELTS to qualify them for jobs anywhere in the world. The government is also in discussion with the Thai government to send 400 teachers to schools in Bangkok. The Ministry will also send teachers to India. Some Hon’ble Members also raised concerns over the youth unemployment rate escalating to 10.7% in 2015 despite the Government’s efforts to target full employment. Others asked why the overseas employment target of 30,000 youth was brought down to 9,000.

The Hon’ble Minister said the concern of unemployment would remain an issue since our youth are still not adequately skilled for the job market. Secondly, the youth do not stick to one job. Thirdly, they are also reluctant to take up blue color jobs. Therefore, he urged all youth to take up any kind of jobs that come their way so that they gain experience.


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