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Good Governance Committee (GGC) presented the interim report on the review of harmful use of alcohol

Posted on :07 January 2019

The members of the Good Governance Committee (GGC) presented the interim report on the review of harmful use of alcohol in the country. Eleven Hon. Members submitted their concerns to supplement on the review report of the Committee while continuing with the review work.

The interim report included the current scenario of alcohol use and its harmful effects, current interventions to reduce the harmful use of alcohol, preliminary findings of the study, and way forward.

The report highlighted alcohol as one of the top killers in the country and one of the major risk factors causing non-communicable diseases. Misuse of alcohol is considered one of the most significant direct triggers of violence against women and children. The report also highlighted economic burden of alcohol outweighing its economic returns and the government incurring huge expenditure treating patients with alcohol-related diseases.

Some of the interventions towards reducing alcohol abuse currently exercised are awareness programs, revision of bar license fees, restriction on standalone bar licenses and fixing of bar timings, provision of detoxification services and establishment of rehabilitation centres.

Some of the major findings of the study were poor compliance and weak enforcement of alcohol-related policies and weak coordination amongst the implementing agencies. Inadequate attention on social determinants such as lack of parental support and guidance, easy availability and affordability of alcohol and cultural belief and perception lead to alcohol abuse.

The Committee proposed to conduct more stakeholder consultations in order to support the preliminary findings; Understand the issue of weak coordination amongst the relevant agencies; Ascertain key social determinants causing alcohol abuse; and explore appropriate interventions accordingly.

The final outcome of the review report will be deliberated in the following summer session which will provide some concrete policy observation, and finally the way forward.

Tomorrow the House will deliberate on the interim review report on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)


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