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Joint Session Concludes

Posted on :22 January 2019

The two day sitting of the Joint Session concluded with the adoption of three recommendations on the Report of the Public Account Committee(PAC) on the Annual Audit Reports 2017. The sitting also had an exhaustive discussion on the follow-up on Review Report of AAR 2010-2016.

The Review Report of AAR 2010-2016 reflected that the resolution passed during the 11th session of the Second Parliament to resolve the pending audit irregularities for the AAR 2010-2016 and the agenciesshould resolve the pending audit irregularities within 30th June 2019. In keeping with the resolution passed, the PAC conducted public hearings with fifteen agencies. These agencies had then a total of Nu. 182.187 million unresolved irregularities for the period of 2010-2016, however, after the public hearing the agencies had resolved irregularities amounting to Nu. 5.388 million.

Based on the report, as of 30 September 2018 the total unresolved irregularities reported for the period (2010-2016) stands at Nu. 1446.4 million. Ministries have the highest amount of accumulated irregularities amounting to Nu. 365. 394 million followed by autonomous agencies with Nu. 202.529 million.

As per the report, the committee’s observations stated that only a small share (2.55%) of the total irregularities have been resolved so far which indicates that inadequate actions have been taken by the concerned agencies to resolve their irregularities, thereby, RGoB incurring huge losses every year; cases with total irregularities of Nu. 633. 096 million (AAR 2010-2016) are either with ACC, OAG or the Court; and Seven cases (AAR 2010-2016) amounting to Nu. 12,005 millions have been not able to resolve due to accountable officials either absconded or missing.

The sitting endorsed three recommendations that includes; PAC urged the Ministry of Finance to implement RAA’s recommendations and report to the PAC by September 2019; The PAC also recommended the MoEA to follow up and in collaboration with RAA on the unresolved irregularities of Hydropower project for the period of AAR 2017 and report to PAC by September 2019; and Respective agencies, excluding the Hydropower projects, were recommended to follow up on the unresolved irregularities of Annual Audit Report 2017 and report the status to PAC by September 2019.

Of the 67 members present in the sitting, 66 voted ”Yes” and 1 ”Abstained” on the three recommendations of the PAC.


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