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Good Governance Committee Chairperson Consults Chithuen Phendey Association

Posted on :07 March 2019

Today the Good Governance Committee Chairperson met with the officials of Chithuen Phendey Association led by the Executive Director in order to continue the ongoing consultative meetings with stakeholders on the harmful use of alcohol.

Chithuen Phendey Association highlighted that mere curing and medication of the alcohol and drug addicts is not the solution as the preventive measures plays a pivotal role. Chithuen Phendey Association have treated almost 400 addicts, it’s very important to know the reasons why an individual started to drink and at what age. 98% of addicts started drinking because of the problems at home, other reasons like child related abuses, stress, etc.

Chithuen Phendey Association have been doing research on addicts, have met with foreign experts to know about the addiction in depth. They have conducted many programs in order to advocate on the issues of alcohol abuse in the society.  

Chithuen Phendey Association emphasized that there are policies and guide lines on the alcohol but at the ground level what matters the most is the implementation which is difficult. We have to understand the practical reality in order to tackle such issues in the society.

As some solutions to mitigate the alcohol issues in the country, the Association made the following three key significant propositions:

  1. Re do with the curriculum of child development,
  2. Instead of doing fragmented researches, If the government of the day could do joint researches on these social issues like suicides, alcohol, mental issues, etc in order to get thorough understanding of the situation and the problem and to tackle such problems on the grass root level ,
  3. To deter our youthful minds from getting engrossed into drugs and alcohol, the recreational sport facilities in the country should not be charged and should be free of costs since all the youths can’t afford to pay which otherwise would demotivate the youths from enjoying a healthy recreational sports and this would ultimately divert their minds into unhealthy practices like drugs and alcohols.


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