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House adopts two Bill and three policies resolutions

Posted on :28 February 2020

In the 30th sitting, the House adopted final resolutions as proposed by relevant committees on three policies related to issues such as the Vehicle imports; Human Trafficking in Bhutan; and the program initiatives towards improving the Quality of Education. The House also adopted two Bills that are the Lhengye Zhungtshog Bill of Bhutan (2020); and Entitlement and Service Conditions (Amendment) Bill for the Holders, Members and Commissioners of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan (2020)

Recommendations on the Vehicle imports as proposed by the Economic Affairs Committee

With 22 members present and voting, the House unanimously adopted the EAC recommendations on the Vehicle imports to the Government to:


1.     Improve coordination of the transport sector through adequate policy and legislative reforms of the transportation  sector through

(a) Adoption of a comprehensive National transport policy

(b)  Amend Road Safety and Transport Act 1999 to align with changes needed in the sector

(c)   Coordinate with Dzongkhags to ensure that adequate space is reserved for urban transport infrastructure in the Dzongkhags towns to incorporate public transport in the future.

2.     Address issues arising from vehicular congestion in the urban areas by:

(a)   Improving Pedestrian experience by making certain areas free of personal vehicles to encourage people to walk and/or use public transport including making it disabled friendly;

(b)  Requiring Local Governments, particularly Thromdes, to strictly enforce parking requirements in buildings; and

 (c)Requiring Local governments, particularly Thromdes, to strictly enforce no parking on public roads to ensure smooth traffic flow.

3.               Improve public transport in the growing towns and across the country by:

(a)   Continued government support to expand public bus transport including the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit System to  improve its efficiency and reliability; 

 (b) Continued subsidies to improve public bus transport; and

(c) Providing fiscal incentives and low-interest loans to encourage private operators to expand public transport options for inter and intra dzongkhag connectivity.

Recommendations on the issues related to Human Trafficking in Bhutan

Of the 22 members, the House unanimously adopted the following recommendations on the issues related to Human Trafficking in Bhutan, as proposed by the SCAC to the government to:

1. Legislation, Policy and International Convention 

(a)   Develop a comprehensive national policy and national action plan on combating Human Trafficking in Bhutan. 

(b)  Assess Bhutan’s readiness to accede to the United Nations Transnational Organized Crime Convention (Palermo Protocol) and the Protocol to Prevent, Suppress and Punish Trafficking in Persons, especially Women and Children. 

2. Strengthen efforts to combat Human Trafficking  

(a)   Provide adequate financial and human resource support including creation of a separate unit/division in the DLO, and allocation of a separate emergency fund for repatriation and investigation efforts.

(b)  Ensure that Bhutan’s efforts to combat trafficking are recorded and reported on a timely basis to improve Bhutan’s current ranking by the next TIP report.

(c)   Ensure efficient and effective implementation of the Standard Operating Procedure.  

(d)  Explore the possibility of including “Reduction of Human Trafficking cases” and “Locate

Missing Persons” as indicators under the Ministry of Home and Cultural Affair’s Annual Performance Agreement.

3. Sensitization and Awareness Programmes 

(a)   Organize Special Sensitization programmes to be conducted especially for the judiciary so that everyone has a common understanding of Human Trafficking.

(b)  Extend Sensitization and awareness campaigns to Local Government leaders, public transport, taxi operators, guides, hoteliers, civil aviation and airline staff in combating HT. 

(c)   Conduct regular nationwide awareness and advocacy programmes for the general public on the risks of human trafficking, laws and where to go for help.

4. Trafficking in Persons Emergency Helpline

Create a central Bhutan 24/7 emergency helpline and social media contact address for victims of trafficking and or concerned persons can contact for assistance. 

5. Employment 

(a)   Prioritize creation of job opportunities and skill training for vulnerable group especially unemployed women and youth with limited qualification.

(b)  Conduct a study on the feasibility of relaxing the current criteria of age and qualifications as well as explore work opportunities abroad so that any interested unemployed Bhutanese can safely apply for overseas employment opportunities through a licensed agent.

Adoption of the Lhengye Zhungtshog Bill of Bhutan, 2020

Adoption of the Lhengye Zhungtshog Bill of Bhutan, 2020

In adopting the Lhengye Zhungtshog Bill of Bhutan, 2020, the Hon’ble Ugyen Namgay, Dy. Chair, SCAC reported that the Committee has been working on the Bill for the past one year.  He said that the final Bill consists of a total of 81 sections and the House adopted 50 re-deliberated sections and was directed to re-deliberate on 30 disputed sections of the Bill in the 9th sitting. In total, the Committee discussed 33 sections and made changes in 20 sections, 11 sections were retained as in the draft bill and 2 sections were deleted.  

The House with the show of hands adopted the disputed sections and adopted the Bill with the majority votes. Of the 22 members present, the Bill obtained 19 “YES” and 3 “ABSTAIN” votes. The Bill shall be forwarded to the National Council for deliberation.

Adoption of the Entitlement and Service Conditions (Amendment) Bill for the Holders, Members and Commissioners of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan, 2020.

With 22 members present and voting, the House unanimously adopted the Entitlement and Service Conditions (Amendment) Bill for the Holders, Members and Commissioners of Constitutional Offices of Bhutan, 2020.

Hon’ble Lhatu, Chair to the GGC moved a motion to adopt the Bill with the submission of the final changes made in the Bill. With the show of hands, the House adopted all the changes incorporated in the section of the Bill as proposed by the Committee.  The Bill will be forwarded to the National Assembly for deliberation.

The Bill was enacted in 2010 and amended in 2015 prior to the current amendment.  

Recommendations on the program initiatives towards improving the Quality of Education

The House unanimously adopted six recommendations on the program initiatives towards improving the Quality of Education as proposed by the GGC. The recommendations include the government to:

·       Expedite the expansion of access to quality ECCD programmes to attain 100% coverage prior to 2030

·       Consider raising the Bhutan Education Blueprint’s target on ECCD coverage from the existing target of 50% by 2024; 

·       Ensure adequate financial support by revisiting the current practice of budget allocation for the primary schools;

·       Revisit the current practice of school ranking system including linking of school performance with the promotion of individuals to ensure that its implementation does not deviate from its intended purpose, and submit the report to National Council by upcoming summer session;

·       Ensure adequate provision of facilities and tools for effective implementation of any new or revised curriculum; and

·       Consider reviewing the roles of REC and TPSD in designing and delivering of PD programmes respectively, to ensure the effectiveness of the PD programmes for both teaching and non-teaching staff.


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