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Joint Sitting adopts five recommendations on the PAC review report

Posted on :03 March 2020

With a two-day deliberation on the Public Accounts Committee’s Review Report on RAA’s Annual Report 2018 in the Joint Sitting, the House adopted five recommendations. Three recommendations were adopted as proposed by the Committee and two additional were proposed by the House. Of the 64 members present and voting the recommendations were adopted with 63 “YES” and 1 “ABSTAIN” vote.

Under chapter 1 on Synthesis of Annual Audit Report 2018 the following recommendations were adopted as proposed by the committee; 

1. Most of the observed lapses in the audit findings could have been prevented and in some cases, even strong corrective measures put in place had the Internal Audit Units established in various agencies been strong and effective. To prevent recurrence of similar lapses and enhance internal control framework:

a) The Central Coordinating Agency (CCA) for Internal Audit Service, Ministry of Finance being the coordinating agency for all Internal Audit Units to review the institutional capacity of Internal Audit Units and the Royal Government to support capacity building based on the review findings to strengthen overall efficiency, effectiveness and professional management of internal auditors; and

   b) CCA and RAA to collaborate in sharing resources to complement and supplement each other’s works and reduce redundancy. For instance, CCA and RAA can mutually work together to add value to each other’s annual audit reports and ensure better compliance to the established rules and processes by the agencies. Likewise, CCA and RAA can support each other in strengthening institutional capacity.

2. In the current context, it is generally the mid-level officials who are fixed with direct and supervisory accountabilities on the audit findings and very rarely the head of the agency. This was due to a lack of a clear framework to fix accountability. In view of this, RAA has very recently developed Rules and Regulation for Fixing Accountability on Audit Findings, 2019. To promote understanding and uniform application of the rules, RAA must carry out awareness on its new rules from 2020.

Under Chapter 2 on follow-up on Review Reports of AAR 2010 – 2017,  the House adopted two recommendations as follows: 

1.   the Public Accounts Committee to consult the Judiciary, Royal Bhutan Police, OAG, ACC and RAA on the way forward to solve the unresolved irregularities; and 

2. the Government to present a report on current the practice of handling of “missing” or “at large” accused cases.

Similarly, under chapter 3, the House adopted the proposal of the committee as follows; 

1.     MHPA and all other agencies having unresolved irregularities from AAR 2010 - 2017 to resolve the pending issues latest by June 2020.

Tomorrow, the National Council will adopt the Impeachment Procedure Bill of Bhutan 2019 and the Minister and Minister Equivalent Post Holder’s Entitlement Bill 2019.



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