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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do Members visit their Constituency/Dzongkhags?

Mainly to collect agenda for the upcoming session and inform the people of the resolution of the session concluded, to look into the general welfare of the public and act as bridge between the government and the people, to promote our natural culture, heritage and environment, to support and check the policies, activities of the government, thereby, maintaining a dynamic check and balance system, to render support and advice to the Local Government in every aspect, to endeavor to realize His Majesty's noble vision of GNH and to monitor development activities.

What are the sitting hours of the National Council?

The Council sits from 9:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

Where can i find out about the debates taking place in the National Council?

You can get this information from our website or from the Secretariat

Are members of the public admitted to the public gallery to watch the debates in the National Council?

Yes, all interested individuals can observe the National Council Session.

Can members of the public tour the National Council?

Yes, the public can tour the National Council.

How many Members are there in the National Council?

There are 25 members in the National Council, 20 representing each Dzongkhag & 5 eminent persons chosen by His Majesty.

How many women members are there in the National Council?

There are 2 women members in the National Council.

Who is the Chairperson of the National Council?

Thrizin (Dasho) Dr. Sonam Kinga is the Chairperson of the National Council.

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